Press Release: AIMA's Global Investor Board names new Co-Chair

Published: 03 May 2024

Press Release: AIMA's Global Investor Board names new Co-Chair

The Alternative Investment Management Association's (AIMA) Global Investor Board (GIB) has named Anne-Marie Fink, Chief Investment Officer, Private Markets and Funds Alpha, at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), as Co-Chair, effective immediately.

Fink will serve alongside founding Chair Eduard van Gelderen, Senior Vice-President and CIO at PSP Investments, who also sits on AIMA's Council.

Formed in 2022, the GIB serves as an advisory group that assists alternative asset managers in understanding the latest investor trends that influence their asset allocations. It also focuses on aligning expectations between investors and managers while promoting industry best practices to improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

Since its formation, AIMA's GIB has delivered thought leadership on hedge funds, private credit, private equity, liquidity management, total portfolio approach, environmental, social and governance, GP/LP strategic relationships and alignment of interests.

The GIB builds upon AIMA's extensive history of engagement with the global investor community. The board was formed from AIMA’s Investor Standing Committee (ISC) and enhances our legacy of leading with influential market research alongside global allocator-only peer discussions on Operational Due Diligence (ODD) and investment themes, as well as Australia’s local Investor Advisory Group.

Along with hosting premier investor events like the AIMA Global Investor Forum and the AIMA ACC Private Credit Investor Forum, these efforts underscore our global leadership in the alternative investments sector, where AIMA continues to serve as a trusted partner to allocators, offering them valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Geographies represented on the GIB include leading investors from Abu Dhabi, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and the US.

Anne-Marie Fink, Chief Investment Officer, Private Markets and Funds Alpha, SWIB & Co-Chair, AIMA GIB, said: "As Co-Chair of the AIMA Global Investor Board, I'm honored to represent asset owners and investors as we drive sound practices and thought leadership within the alternative asset management community. Working alongside Eduard and the entire GIB, we are committed to sharing global insights that elevate our industry and foster greater connectivity among members across borders.”

Eduard van Gelderen, Senior Vice-President, CIO, PSP Investments; Co-Chair, AIMA GIB & AIMA Council member, said: "AIMA’s Global Investor Board has produced important insights for allocators and alternative managers alike. I’m proud to continue as Co-Chair and delighted to welcome Anne-Marie to share in the group’s leadership as we continue to discuss key topics impacting markets, portfolio construction and alternative asset management across the globe.”

Jack Inglis, CEO of AIMA, said: "As asset owners, investors represent the most important pillar in our ecosystem, driving strong sound practice and thought leadership to our alternative asset management community. We are grateful to Eduard, Anne-Marie and the entire GIB for sharing important global insights to elevate our alternative investment industry across borders while increasing connectivity between our members."

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