Elevating Women's Voices 2024 - Launch Event

Australia Diversity

Elevating Women’s Voices was created to ensure:

Women across the financial services industry, and the broader communities we all serve, are equally represented and Women’s expertise, talent, experiences, perspectives, voices, stories, and contributions equally drive the thinking, planning, and future of our industry.


Despite concerted efforts over many years by AIMA and 100 Women in Finance, women are yet to be equally represented on podiums, panel discussions, committees, round tables and generally across the industry.

Currently we draw from a very small pool of willing female speakers.

By running this program, we aim to deepen the pool of women speakers ready, willing and able to share their opinions and drive conversations across the industry. 


Provide support, guidance, confidence and opportunities to enable our highly competent and capable women to speak to, and on behalf of, the financial services industry

Provide the Australian business community with a wealth of female voices, opinions and approaches to creating, managing and transforming industry conventions

Encourage more active participation in the Financial Services Industry and provide more opportunities to do so.

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