AIMA Japan Regulatory Seminar and Networking Drinks


AIMA invites you to join speakers from Financial Services Agency and PwC who will be discussing the following topics important for operating fund business in Japan.

17:15     Registration

17:25    Opening Remarks: Edward Rogers, Chairman AIMA Japan

17:30     Session 1: Independent Agent Exemption (代理人PEに係る参考事例集の改定とその趣旨)

The tax rules relating to the Independent Agent Exemption were revised in 2018.  The new rules created uncertainty for fund managers and investors in funds and led to many questions as to whether investment gains would become taxable in Japan.  In light of this change, the FSA published a Revision to the "Reference Cases" regarding the "Independent Agent Exemption" and its application.

  • Speaker:大塚 悠貴氏、 金融庁 総合政策局 総合政策課 課長補佐 (Yuki Otsuka, Deputy Director, Strategy Development Division, Strategy Development and Management Bureau, Financial Services Agency)

*17:50 – Q&A Session:大塚氏他金融庁より2名様

The sessions will be conducted in ENGLISH no translation. (Q&A Session: JAPANESE)

18:00     Session 2: ESG investment trend - Importance of ESG investment and Impact Investment (ESG投資の潮流 - ESG投資の重要性とインパクトインベストメント)

Environmental, social and corporate governance ("ESG") is increasingly important for both investors and managers.  In this session, Yuki Isogai will discuss ESG and corporate values, including the expectations of asset owners.  She will also address Impact Investment -- an emerging investment opportunity targeting both financial and social returns. 

  • Speaker:磯貝 友紀氏、 PwCあらた有限責任監査法人 パートナー (Yuki Isogai, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC)

The sessions will be conducted in JAPANESE no translation

18:45     Closing Remarks: Michael Bugel, Co-Head AIMA APAC



TIME: 19:00 – 21:00

VENUE: BARBARA market place 325 (Kasumigaseki Building 1F, 3-2-5, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6015

Registration is now closed, for any inquiries, please contact Kana Someya.

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