Bovill Asia Pte. Limited- 15% discount for AIMA manager members for Singapore Internal Audit

Published: 30 April 2024

The Monetary Authority of Singapore requires licensed financial institutions to have an annual independent audit of their internal controls. For RFMCs, this is recommended if you don’t carry out other regular monitoring of your compliance with MAS requirements.


Bovill can perform your Internal Audit, which involves independently checking the extent to which you meet the MAS requirements applicable to you. Bovill helps you to get the most out of this mandatory requirement by using a risk-based approach. Bovill focuses efforts on the areas that we think MAS is most interested in, or which we think present the biggest regulatory risks to your business. Of course, we look at other areas too, but where we can confirm quickly that your internal controls comply with MAS requirements, we would expect to progress to the next area.  We can also deliver our Internal Audit programme over a three-year cycle, helping you to keep your costs down. The output of the Internal Audit process is a written report. This sets out what we’ve done, any control gaps we’ve found, and our recommended remedial action. We also rate our findings so that you know which you should prioritise.


How to access the discounted service


This offer (i) is open only to AIMA members whose primary business is investment management and is subject to the prevailing general terms of business of Bovill which can be obtained from Bovill (ii) does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by AIMA. AIMA assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss or dispute arising as a result of members’ use of Bovill’s services.


To enquire about the service and discount, please contact Billie-Jo Dixon at [email protected]