Raoul Blondet

Head of Business Development, Tikehau Capital

Raoul joined Tikehau Capital in 2017 and currently serves as Head of Business Development, focusing mainly on retailization initiatives. Raoul supervises the launch and maintenance of new and innovative products designated for private investors. He has developed a full unit-linked offer for the French market and also is responsible for launching new retailization initiatives across Europe and non-European geographies.

Prior to that, Raoul worked as a financial controller for GL Events and as a coverage analyst for BNY Mellon. Before holding his current position, Raoul served within Tikehau’s sales team, before moving to the marketing department, where he worked as a product specialist, to support the fundraising of the firm’s four main strategies: Private Debt, Private Equity, Real Estate and Capital Market Strategies.

Education: EM Lyon Business School, Ludwig Maximilian University