Sanjay Mistry

Head of Alternative Credit, Pension Protection Fund

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Sanjay Mistry is the Head of Alternative Credit at the PPF and was the interim Head of Alternatives (2019-2022) until that role was removed.

As a senior portfolio manager with 25 years investment experience Sanjay is responsible for setting the strategy and all investments within a portfolio, spanning all sub-investment grade credit markets. His mandate covers credit investments across public/private, performing/non-performing, long/short, corporate/infrastructure/real estate/asset backed sectors for the PPF's balance sheet. Investments may be on a direct or non-direct basis across primary and secondary transactions, through a combination of SPVs, fund of one and commingled vehicles. Soon after joining the PPF, Sanjay worked with the CIO to redesign and expand the PPF’s Alternatives team to its current form. Over the decades Sanjay has completed numerous successful direct investments/transactions, managed several commingled and single investor vehicles and has multiple LP Advisory Boards roles.

Today Sanjay is also a member of the PRI’s Private Debt Advisory Council, MFA's Institutional Investor Advisory Council and the BVCA's Alternative Credit Working Group. Prior to the PPF Sanjay spent over 20 years with Mercer Alternatives, having begun his career with Eagle Star Life Assurance and graduated from City University with first-class honours. He is a member of the Institute of Actuaries and holds the CFA’s IMC.