AIMA Australia Manager Only Round Table - Integrating Portfolio and Risk Management


Following the success of the inaugural integrated portfolio and rick management  roundtable, AIMA Australia is pleased to invite you to Actionable Insights:  Integrating portfolio and risk management to deliver superior investment performance.
Invited attendees – Manager member only – senior investment and front office professionals or equivalent. Please feel free to pass this invite on to the chief investment officers, portfolio managers and hands-on risk professionals, or equivalent, in your organisation.
Discussion agenda
  • How should we ‘frame’ our risk management approach and framework to go beyond traditional ‘risk reporting’?
  • How can we help PMs, as well as our broader teams, including the client side, communicate risk, risk management, the role in portfolio construction and management?
  • Discussion of case studies from those in the room, including their journey around risk management, what it is and how it’s communicated, the challenges they have faced, the tool kit they use.
  • How should we think about the broader set of risks, such as political and economic risk, and integrate into an overall portfolio and risk management approach?
 Despite the guidelines; it is intended that attendees are free to discuss issues/problems in an open and confidential environment. Attendees will determine the agenda by advising of their topic suggestions when registering.
Chatham rules will apply.
RSVP before 5.00pm on Tuesday November 12th, 2019.

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